Want some privacy?

I completely understand. I offer individual private intuitive readings and medium sessions for anyone who'd prefer to connect to their loved one outside of a group setting.

Virtual sessions are available for $75 for 30 minutes or $100 for 50 minutes.

In-person sessions are available for $175 an hour and are booked by texting/calling 617-947-1333.

Please note:  Individual private readings are for one person only.  Any additional persons would be considered a group reading with different rates that will apply.  Call or text to inquire and book.



Connecting With Friends

One of my favorite things is to join you and your friends for a wonderful evening in which I offer both intuitive sessions and mediumship sessions connecting with those that have crossed over. Being surrounded by people you love only adds to the joy and fun.

Private parties start at $250 within a certain radius. For the exact investment, please caller text 617-947-1333 to talk about the details. Please note: I try my very best to give everyone present a reading, but sometimes, it's not possible.


For Businesses & Organizations

I'd love to bring my ability to your business or organization. I absolutely love doing these events and pride myself on making some great connections for those who join us.

I'm willing to work a number of different ways and can offer suggestions to create an event that will work best for your audience. To learn more, please call 617-947-1333.

Terms of Service


By booking a session, you are bound by the terms:   Payment in full is required at time of booking in order to secure your reservation. Reschedule request will only be honored so long as you request this with more than 24 hours notice. Non-refundable.

Disclaimer: This service is intended for general information purposes. Must be 18 years or older. Melanie Davis is in no way responsible or liable for any actions or decisions taken either directly or indirectly by the client or anyone else and does not replace medical, professional, legal, financial, career, business, psychological, relationship or any other advice or service in any way.

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